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Camp diva DanaMite launched the Total Escape web site in late 1996, long before most lodging, recreation, or park authorities had any web presence. Before digital cameras, before GPS, and before real high speed internet, this umbrella travel site has featured outdoor destinations in California - from Shasta to Baja. Local links and backroad destinations for weekend getaways, camping and vacation ideas for your custom made adventures, all outdoors! Self guided tours, scenic routes and road trips in California. Wilderness, rivers, campgrounds, cabins, hot springs, kayak rentals, bike trails, topo maps, traffic and travel tips. River guides, houseboats, fishing spots, outdoor gear links and the best independent lodges - all in one place.
No chain hotels, No amusement parks, No Vegas! 

Many large travel web sites tried to cover too much ground with airline reservations, hotel bookings and international travels. Total Escape has concentrated its efforts in one specific region, California, to deliver a quality offering true to it's intent as set out since our inception. Familiarizing ourselves with every nook and cranny of the golden state is the goal. Providing awareness and access to secluded, out of the way destinations and recreational opportunities is our specialty.

The main site, has been online for 18 years and it gets some serious web traffic that adds up to a million 'page views' per month. If you have a local lodge, outdoor related service or rental shop, and you want to reach your California market, we have it covered. Advertising on Total Escape will get you more exposure on the web, plus help with your organic search engine placement.

2015 UPDATE: Total Escape will discontinue selling maps this year. Inventory will not be restocked; Existing backorders will be filled when maps come available.


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