Fire Containers

Fire Containers

Planning on camping outside a developed campground? Then you might want a convenient way to have a camp fire. Or you could run around in the dark, with the moonlight, looking for small boulders to build your own rock ring. If a simple steel fire bucket is all you need, then you can find one like this above (under $20) at the local hardware store. You might wanna drill holes around the bottom edge for ventilation.

Certain places in recreation ravaged California, might require that your campfire be "contained" inside a metal ring at a primitive site. Anza Borrego Desert State Park ask that you also take the cold ashes and coals with you. RV campers may want something a little more decorative for their imromptu fires, so various vendors make numerous styles of fit pits. Coleman even has a few ugly ones.

Camp Fire Pit

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