Lantern Accessories

Lantern Accessories

Camping lanterns come in all sizes and styles. Many run on propane, some on butane, a few on candlelight and most recently - rechargeable battery powered lanterns. New technology LED bulbs introduced a whole new series of lightweight lanterns over the past decade.

Coleman sold their first lantern in 1909 and it was primarily used in rural homes prior to electricity service. Find Coleman parts here.

Old fashioned lanterns have a glass globe that tends to break easily when not protected well. With something as simple as a kitchen towel or old shirt and a rubber band, you can wrap the cold light for better survival on transport. Coleman even makes a velcro lantern wrap as seen in photo above. Lantern mantles and globes are the two replacement items sold most often.

Camp Lantern Globe

Camping FAQ
Are lantern mantles radioactive? You don't want to carry thorium mantles in your pocket, though, or inhale or ingest the dust from a burnt mantle. With thorium atoms parked in your lungs or liver, your exposure would shoot up to 200 millirems per year.

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