Water Bottles

Bottled water is so available and disposable, but huge amounts of litter (mostly beverage containers) are destroying our land and water - our environment. Watch the documentary TAPPED and you can see why the production of bottled water is senseless polluting billion-dollar industry.

So everyone should have their own personal water bottle for water consumption. Drink more water, be healthy. The problem is the container material (plastic) can leech into the fluid water stored in the bottle. BPA free bottles; but is that the only trace element of petroleum byproduct that is leaking into my pure drinking water? Recent news reports say all plastics are in now question, so best to choose metal - like aluminum or steel.

Look for BPA-free tags on plastics, or better yet choose non-toxic options like stainless steel, glass and the new to market bamboo bottles. Water is life, so drink plenty, be in the know and be happy.

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