Sleeping Bags

Sleeping Bags

best sleeping bags

Slumberjack sleeping bags reviews are some of the best in the outdoor industry. Originally designed for big, outdoor men who like to hunt and fish, they are roomier than the typical outdoor bag and they keep you warm. They will fix the zippers if (and when) they fail, which they might after 10 yrs. DanaMite has owned hers for that long. Their toll-free 800# is printed on the zipper pull. How cool is that?

Slumberjack bags are rated very well for cold nights, last decades and designed to be comfortable, for all shapes and sizes. Big, tall, fat, small. Girls are always colder than the men from the rating test. Always remember women/girls/females usually need a zero degree bag, just to be on the safe side (or shall we say 'warm side').


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