Camp Sleeping Cot

Camp Sleeping Cot

If you are shopping for a folding camp cot, then the first thing you want to consider is: Where will I use this? And secondly: Will it fit well inside my tent? If you own a small 7'x7' square dome tent then a cot may take up most of the space inside and you won't be able to sit up either. So you might want to upgrade to a larger tent too.

Cots are great outdoor beds for sleeping out under the stars, next to the campfire, where the warmth from the fire can keep you toasty all night. Stargazing comfortably is always a nice set up especially during meteor showers. Camping cots can also double as a stable sofa near the campfire.

Or it can even become a makeshift structure support during a big storm. (photo above) 2004 Total Escape Adventures - Mike's Sky Ranch, Baja California Mexico.

Camping Cot

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