Therm A Rest

Thermarest pads. These are the industry standard as far as self inflating sleeping pads. Many backpackers find these suitable for lightweight trail use & overnights in the wild. Less bulky than rubber airbeds and way easier to pack up. And these thermarest materials are also puncture resistant. Therm-a-Rest outdoor bedding will outlast any vinyl air mattress, by a decade or more. Newest technology offers us a new solar sleeping pad that reflects your body heat back towards you.

Instructions with Therm A Rest say that you need to "store your bed unrolled", as the foam and materials 'remember' the open shape and will fill up faster when inflating. Whatever you do: Never leave an inflated pad inside a warm automobile, this kinda heat can split the seems and the glue bind breaks open, the foam is exposed and you have voided your warranty.

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